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Panarea is one of the most renowned destinations of international tourism. This natural jewel has enchanted artists, writers, designers and musicians. Panarea is a perfect blend of history, art, culture and world of mind, all of which blend together to create a unique atmosphere of its kind. This enchanting island offers 3.5 sq. Km of beauty, charm, natural and cultural refinement. Island vitality will give you all that you wait to find in a dream vacation: worldliness and fun in the pure state and moments of peace and relaxation. The coasts of the island are as beautiful as the sea that caresses them and witness of a tumultuous past made of conquests and piracy that has marked the island's appearance but also the hardening and traditions of the islanders. Panarea offers the ideal stay for those who enjoy a festive atmosphere of the world, with luxurious hotels, nightlife in trendy venues, events and sports, and for those who make their vacation a moment of absolute relaxation immersed in nature and far from the frenzy of modern life. The night at Panarea gives a scenario comparable to a big show, the venues light up and the music is flowing, the streets fill their lives and the fun comes on. The center of worldly life is San Pietro, the Aeolian glamorous lounge, where holidaymakers spend their time up to night.


Stromboli is one of the most fascinating islands in the Aeolian archipelago for the persistent explosive activity of its volcano, one of the most active in the world. In summertime it is also one of the most visited islands to admire the "fire sciare" that has totally altered the sea front and gives moments of intense emotion. The island is rich in beaches and coves, and with a short swim you can dip in the deep blue of its sea.The center of the country, in a high position compared to the sea level, offers fantastic views and is quite lively with characteristic restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. The climb to the volcano, which is carried out in absolute safety and exclusively with the help of authorized guides, is one of the most fascinating experiences that makes your stay in Stromboli an unforgettable experience.


  • Transfer: PickUp on arrival and departure
  • Boat trips: Visits to Panarea and the other Eolian islands
  • Sports: Wind Surf, Kite Surf, Diving
  • Rent a cycle: The ideal way to search new beaches
  • Rent a dinghy: Many offers available

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